Joanne Herman, Treasurer

Joanne Herman

Joanne earned her CPA designation in 1984, and subsequently worked in various accounting, auditing, and finance positions for corporations, small businesses, and non-profits until her retirement in 2010. After her transition to live in her true gender in 2002, Joanne also actively advocated for transgender acceptance and understanding until 2013, publishing the book Transgender Explained for Those Who Are Not in 2009, and serving on the boards of Fenway Health, Point Foundation, and GLAD as each organization’s first transgender board member. Once fully retired from work and advocacy, Joanne developed a passion for competitive bowling. Joanne graduated from Dartmouth College in 1975 and earned her MBA from the Northeastern University Graduate School of Professional Accounting in 1982. She is married to Theresa (Terry) Fallon and is fluent in French.

Updated on Jan 13, 2022